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Theory, Research and Practice

Table 3 Squared semi-partial correlations of predictors

From: The Relationship Between Intelligence and Psychological Well-Being in Incoming College Students

Hypothesis SAT Math SAT Verbal (SAT Math)2 (H5 only) (SAT Verbal)2 (H5 only)
H1 (AU) 0.0013 0.0022 N/A N/A
H2 (EM) 0.0007 0.0035 N/A N/A
H3 (PL) 0.0142 0.0003 N/A N/A
H4 (PG) 0.0151 0.0010 N/A N/A
H5 (PR) 0.0092 0.0019 <0.0001 0.0018